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Professional Laundry Systems | Contact Us

At PLS we pride our-self's on personal direct person to person service.  We care about you and your business success. No fancy carts and computer phone service. Just real people helping people. Use the information, phone numbers, email and links below to get in touch with us today and let us personally help you.

Headquarters Long Island
Map and Directions
Professional Laundry Systems

100D Jefryn Blvd
Deer Park
NY 11729
Phone: 631-242-0020
Fax: 631-242-7724
Email: propaulie@yahoo.com
, professionallaundrysystems@yahoo.com



Philadelphia & Eastern Pennsylvania Division
Covering Eastern & Central Pa, NJ and Delaware.

Map and Directions
Professional Laundry Systems

1741 Loretta Ave
PA 19053
Phone: 215-354-0111
Fax: 215-354-0144
Email: prolaundrysys@comcast.net

General Manager: Andy Walls

Cell:267-374-3020 Email: plswalls@aol.com

Sales Manager NJ: Mark Pittenger

Cell: 908-672-5919  Email: dr.chipinski@yahoo.com



Buffalo &Western Division
Covering Western NY, Upstate NY, Central NY and Western PA

Map and Directions      
Professional Laundry Systems

3655 California Rd
Orchard Park
N.Y. 14127
Phone: 716-662-6100
Fax: 716-662-7200
Sales Manager: Bill Myers


Email: windwz2@aol.com


100D Jefryn Blvd Deer Park, NY 11729 Phone: 1-888-637-0600