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Professional Laundry Systems | EZ-Card Systems
The Easy Card™ payment system was developed for laundry owners and customers to eliminate the day-to-day problems related to starting machines with coins. Customers love the convenience of Easy Card™. Laundry customers start machines by swiping a reusable card, instead of inserting quarters.

For the owner, Easy Card™ takes store management to the highest level. There are no quarters to deal with in an Easy Card™ store, saving laundry owners hours of collecting, sorting, and transporting heavy money. By simply unlocking the cabinet, grabbing a stack of bills, and printing a receipt, laundry owners can collect money in minutes versus hours.

Gaining access to the Easy Card™ system remotely provides a powerful management tool. By using the supplied software, owners can dial-in to a store to monitor sales, collections, and system status. Easy Card™ also allows for real time adjustments to accounts and vend prices. Be more profitable by quickly modifying prices to accommodate fluctuating utility costs. Having the ability to modify pricing in penny increments gives owners flexibility and options that their competition doesn't have. Also, promoting your business with creative marketing tools like time-of-day pricing and usage bonuses can increase your customer base. Easy Card™ offers a win-win solution for you and your customers.

How Easy Card™ Works :
Step 1 - Creating A New Account: Instead of your customers turning bills into quarters, they receive a reusable Easy Card™ from any cabinet. The system server creates an account from the number encoded on the issued card. The magnetic stripe on an Easy Card™ simply holds the account number.
The main system server stores balance and activity by account.

No account balance is ever stored on an Easy Card™

Step 2 - To Start A Vending Cycle: Customers insert their card into the machine's Easy Card™ reader. The account number is read and balance information is accessed at the system server. The vend price is deducted from the account balance, the activity is logged, and a signal is sent to start the cycle.

Step 3 - Recharge An Account: When a start is attempted without a sufficient account balance a "low funds" message will be displayed. Customers can add more funds to their account at any cabinet by inserting their Easy Card™ and adding money.


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