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Professional Laundry Systems | Hot Water Systems


PLS offers only the best, NATCO water heaters.


NATCO has been marketing water heaters to the laundry industry through a large network of Laundry Distributors since the early 1960's. Natco's reputation for quality and service is second to none

You can be assured that any water heater with a NATCO name on it will give you all and more of what you expect from a company who cares what you think.

NATCO specializes in giving you, our customer the very best in performance through engineering, design and quality control. The NATCO Futura series Tankless design offers unprecedented longevity, space saving, efficient performance and reliable service. And they can use natural gas, LP gas, oil or gas/oil. Many Futuras are still performing as efficiently today as when they were installed 25 years ago! What more can you ask?

The Fire Coil Gas Copper/Cupro tube water heater offers a less costly means to obtain quality, with much more durability than a tank type heater and added flexibility in both design and performance. Coupled with the Cupro Nickel heat exchanged, you have the comfort of a knowing it is backed with a 10 year warranty. NATCO also offers overnight delivery from a large stock of both copper and Cupro Nickel Fire Coils to over 1,000,000 BTU. Both standard and ASME glass lined , insulated storage tanks are also in stock in the 80, 120 and 200 gallon sizes. Contact your PLS sales staff today to get yours.


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