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Professional Laundry Systems | Tokens


  its a TOKEN idea


We think you should consider the token concept to streamline your operation and here's why.
Tokens can be any dollar amount:

You can set your machines to read each token as $.50 or $1.00 (or any dollar amount) this will reduce the amount of coinage you will have to remove from your coin boxes. You can also run promotions with your token machine.

Tokens can only be used in your location:

Since they can only be used at your location you will experience some float similar to the easy card. They will get lost or misplaced and you win since you have already been paid. You can also have custom made tokens with your name for advertising.

Tokens will give you less in house operation expense:

Since the cost of the tokens are aprox $.18 each and your using them to be valued at $.50 each or more. You do not have to have any loose change currency on hand and of course you just recycle them. All you incoming monies are in the token machine. No more rolling change.

The start-up cost and operation is significantly lower and easier than card systems:

You will only need to purchase the token vending machine and change your washers and dryers to accept them. Each unit is individual so there are no system failures. You keep running

Increased Security:

No actual cash will be in your machines making it not worth the effort to break into.

This is a great way for you to meet your goal of making the laundry more self sustaining with-out the huge start-up cost of the card system. Let me  know what you think and  if you need more info contact your PLS sales rep today and get your Token experience going.









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