Dexter is one of the most trusted brands in commercial and on-premise laundry operations, and for a good reason. Their modern specifications and high-tech configurations are designed to give you complete and absolute control over the way you do your laundry.

Dexter offers a wide selection of on-premise laundry equipment suitable for facilities of all types and sizes:


Dexter washers’ biggest selling point is their tech-forward systems. Their selection of washer controls lets you do your laundry exactly how you want to. Choose between the convenience of the standard 6-cycle washer selection or the flexibility of the O-series washer selection. The 6-cycle washers offer up to 6 simple but efficient programmable cycle options and up to 8 programmable stages. Their 4 chemical injection ports give you just enough room for your laundry detergent staples. They get the job done without the need for complex controls. This makes them ideal for small to mid-range facilities with a fewer variety of items to work with. 

Looking for laundry flexibility? The washers from the O-series selection give you exactly that! With up to 100 programmable cycles, 20 programmable stages, and 10 chemical injection ports, the O-series washers allow you to pursue the best care for your linens. Dexter washers have weight capacities from 20-90 pounds.


Dexter’s dryers are designed for maximum production with minimum effort on your part. Thanks to their Moisture Detection System, Dexter dryers automatically stop the cycle as soon as all the items are completely dry. This lowers your electricity consumption while keeping your linens safe from damage due to over-drying. Because your items don’t stay in the dryers longer than they need to, you can easily increase efficiency and productivity. This gives you maximum output.

For your facility’s protection, Dexter dryers have automatic Fire Control Systems that keep temperatures in check and automatically release sprinkler systems to protect against damage to your machine and facility. Like the washers, Dexter dryers come with 6-cycle and O-series selections for optimum control. They come in weight capacities from 30-170 pounds.

Stack Washer-Dryers

Working with limited space? Dexter’s stack washer-dryers are the perfect option! They come with the same high-tech systems as the individual washers and dryers, but they’re compact and efficient on space usage. Stack washer-dryers from Dexter have weight capacities from 20-50 pounds. They are ideal for smaller facilities with smaller needs.

Dexter On-Premise Laundry Equipment: All-American Durability

Dexter’s commercial laundry equipment boasts unbeatable durability. These all-American laundry marvels are made with high-tech engineering and top-notch materials. They’re built to withstand the most challenging of laundry conditions. Each machine goes through a rigorous 1000-hour test, running on an unbalanced load at full extraction settings.

All Dexter equipment comes with a limited 10-year warranty for your protection and satisfaction.