Interested in building a new state-of-the-art laundromat or wanting to remodel an existing store? At PLS, we promise to deliver unmatched coin laundry products and services along with the best return on your investment.

Our experienced PLS team is passionate about identifying the coin laundry products and solutions that will enable your business to operate more profitably and efficiently. Decades of industry expertise allows PLS to serve customers, both large and small, through every step of the process.

Typical process includes; site analysis for viability, competitive analysis, demographic analysis, lease negotiations, layout & design, financing, assist with construction oversight, marketing, service and service training.

One of the manufactures PLS represents is Dexter. Dexter's coin laundry washers and dryers are by far the most durable in the industry. In addition, Dexter warranties are also the best in the industry. From washer bearings to dryer fans, Dexter products provide unmatched quality and durability.

Dexter Vended Equipment

From making your business easy to manage to ensuring superior performance, Dexter vended machines prove themselves to be one of the best options in the commercial laundry equipment race. Here’s what Dexter vended machines can do for your business:


  • High Performance. Dexter vended machines are built with the business owner in mind. As such, they are equipped with features that give businesses the best advantage on cost-return ratios and performance. One of the core features of Dexter vended machines is durability, reigning superior over competitors thanks to advanced technology and top-notch materials. Dexter builds its vended machines to last the harshest, busiest, and most rigorous days of a vended laundry facility. Each Dexter vended machine goes through the 1,000-hour test – a brutal test of strength and endurance, running at maximum capacity with out-of-balance loads, under harsh circumstances.
  • User-Friendly. Dexter vended machines are made for easy use. The design is built on the premise of business, of multiple users of different technological savviness. The controls are easy and straightforward, allowing your customers’ full use of their features and functions, and leaving them satisfied with what they paid for.
  • Better Business Control. Dexter vended machines are not only user-friendly for customers. They are just as easy for you, the business owner! Dexter vended machines are easy to install and operate, leaving you with little to do and little to worry about. And with additional features like DexterLive and DexterPay, you also get more control over how you manage your laundry business. The secret to Dexter’s success and reliability has always been its advanced use of technology. DexterLive lets you run your business from your mobile phone, helping you manage inventory, track performance, and keep a close eye on your business wherever and whenever. Dexter vended machines are also equipped to be compatible with DexterPay, so you can accept business from any type of form.
  • Lifetime Technical Support. Dexter vended machines also come with lifetime technical support. The warranties that come with your Dexter equipment ensure that you get all the help you need for your business, at any stage.

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