At PLS, we specialize in on-premise (OPL) laundry development, productivity, and efficiency. We serve all segments of the laundry industry from hospitals and hotels, to fire departments, salons and commercial laundries. No matter the industry, we will custom tailor a solution to meet your needs.

PLS’s on-premise (OPL) laundry equipment will provide you the efficiency, flexibility, performance, and durability you need for long-term success. In addition to providing top-rated commercial equipment, we back our products with unmatched service by factory-trained technicians who are dedicated to keeping your machines running optimally.

We understand that operating a successful on-premise laundry (OPL) takes more than just commercial-grade equipment with a high level of production capability. Our staff of on-premise laundry experts will help you with everything from the layout and workflow of your operation to choosing the right equipment, and ensuring you have a dedicated service team at your disposal. Efficiency is key with on-premise, and you can count on your Scott Equipment team to help you determine the most efficient workflow, energy and water usage, and service schedules to keep your operation running on your schedule.

PLS provides many services for you, your architects, engineers, and construction companies. These services include equipment specifications, machine programming, installation, engineering, service contracts, layout & design, production analysis, and service training.

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Whether you decide to own and operate the coin laundromat independently, or choose a full-service managed laundry solution, PLS experts are here to assist you.