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In search of a business opportunity that offers the prospect for steady income, high rate of return and growth potential with minimal risk? A vended laundry business may be the perfect fit for you!

The vended laundry industry has built a reputation of being a lucrative investment. Currently there are around 35,000 laundromats in the United States, generating approximately $5 billion in gross revenue annually. Clean linens, like food and shelter, are a necessity of life. The vended laundry industry has proven to succeed in periods of both growth and recession.

During periods of recession, when home ownership decreases, the vended laundry market expands as more people are unable to afford repairing or purchasing residential laundry equipment. The market grows proportionately to the increase in population. The public will always be in need of this basic service – people will always need to wash clothes!


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The world has changed and customers are more selective about where they choose to do their laundry. They’re looking for modern, clean stores that offer various payment options and equipment they can trust to get the job done.

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