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The Laundry Boss = No Cards

Let 21st century technology help you run your business more smoothly and economically than ever before, and with less effort on your part.

Cut costs. Increase control.

Built by laundry owners for laundry owners, The Laundry Boss is a uniquely innovative system leveraging cloud technology to simplify your business operations while improving efficiency and reducing costs. It’s very likely the most reasonable and valuable improvement you could make to your business.

Why The Laundry Boss?

We don’t need to tell you what the problem has been with payment systems. Laundry and vending owners have had to make substantial capital investments to receive payments and manage their machines. We know. We’ve been there. But now BCC Payments has changed that by introducing The Laundry Boss.

With The Laundry Boss, your system hardware is free*. Instead of thousands of dollars in upfront costs, you simply pay a monthly fee per machine for the payment and control service that The Laundry Boss provides. And, your actual costs over time are greatly reduced — reduced by more than half…almost two-thirds in most cases

So by every measure, and at every point in time, The Laundry Boss saves you money.


Features that can transform your business

Imagine a payment system you can install easily that will save you thousands of dollars while giving you more control than ever over your operation. That’s The Laundry Boss.

Key features:

The Laundry Boss features are almost too numerous to list, but you definitely need to know about these:

Web control The Laundry Boss allows you to log into your personal dashboard on the Web, click on a specific store, and view the status of any individual machine at any moment.

Complete accounting With The Laundry Boss in place, you’ll have a record of every transaction made in your place of business. Pull reports and access information any time.

Digital wallet management Manage specials, provide customers with bonus money, add value to accounts via cash or credit card. The Laundry Boss puts you readily in charge of it all from wherever you are.

Support Access to our phone support team 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and email or live chat with our team for on-the-spot support.

The Laundry Boss system components

The Laundry Boss’ basic system components at your place of business consist of…

  • A MIB (machine interface board) in your washer or dryer
  • HUB for the MIB’s to communicate to and network gateway to send and receive payments and control your machines*.
  • This basic setup gives you the ability to control your machines, accept mobile payments, access The Laundry Boss reporting dashboard, Wash Dry Fold ticketing system and the Attendant App (which includes a wash dry fold ticketing system).

    Additionally, you can supplement the basic system with Value Add Kiosk’s (VAK’s) to accept bill, coin and credit payments.

    The Laundry Boss offers three kiosk options:

    Credit, Bill and Coin VAK™ (CRBCFL-VAK™)

    Credit, Bill and Coin VAK

    Credit Card-Only VAK™ (CR-VAK™)

    Credit Card-Only VAK

    Credit and Bill VAK™ (CRB-VAK™)

    Credit and Bill VAK

    Credit, Bill and Coin VAK™ (CRBCRL-VAK™)



    The Laundry Boss system is operated reliably and securely by software residing in the cloud. Because the core technology is based there, your operating costs and maintenance concerns are minimal.

    No laundry cards!

    How much are you spending annually on laundry cards? With The Laundry Boss, you can forget that expense. There are no laundry cards and you can get the complete system for less than the cost of a year’s worth of cards.

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