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With over 50 years of experience in specialized Laundromat construction, PLS can handle any project from small renovations to ultra mega Laundromats and chains.

Equipment for Sale

Your success starts with top-notch equipment. We’ll help you find the right equipment that maximizes performance and efficiency for your coin laundry, on-premises laundry, or whatever your plans are!

Vended Laundry

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single location or a major chain – you want premium solutions that leave your customers satisfied. Let us help you find the right answer for your business.


Looking for an efficient and reliable commercial washer-extractors for your business? We can help you find machines that are capable, affordable, and make your business look and feel good!

Drying Tumblers

The wrong dryer can damage fabrics and hurt your business. Work with a variety of options and unmatched energy-efficiency when you’re looking for a drying tumbler for your vended or coin-operated laundry.

On-Premises Laundry (OPL)

On-Premises laundry is all about maximizing throughput and minimizing your costs, and our selection will help you do just that. We’ve helped hotels, commercial laundries, and many other OPLs get laundry done quickly and on-budget.

Payment Systems

Tired of the day to day stress of dealing with thousands of coins? Cut out the hassle by utilizing our innovative and simple payment systems!

Cash Dispensers

A reliable change machine is one of the most critical elements of your coin laundry. Why leave that to chance? We have dispensing machines specifically geared toward the needs of the laundry industry.

Request Parts

Maintenance is sometimes necessary, which is why we carry parts for every make and model of laundry equipment. If we don’t have the part, no one will!

Stop Searching – Let’s Start Talking

Tell us your plans! We want you to find the right equipment and services and make your business profitable.