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Why you should remove your top loaders today

Posted by admin, May 08, 2018
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Many Laundromats built in the 60’s thru the 90’s have banks of top loaders lined up. These machines are inexpensive and had a low vend price. Many owners still have these in operation thru-out the country. But the truth is they are energy hogs, not efficient, visual unappealing, require more maintenance, built with low-grade materials that fail constantly and are losing you money. The augments are sound and cost effective for you to change today to Dexter, read below.

Dexter 20lb front loader VS single top loaders

Washing Performance:

Front-loading washing machines perform extremely better than top-loading washing machines for washing performance. Front-loading Dexter washing machines have adjustable wash cycles and more features than top-loading machines. The Dexter front loaders use gravity instead of an internal agitator to clean clothes, so there is less chance of clothes being damaged or wrinkled during wash. Front load cleans better, remove stains easier and keep your clients’ clothes looking better. They will come back for more.

Energy Efficiency:

Dexter front-loading washing machines are among the most energy-efficient washing machine. Front loaders have higher spin speeds, so they are able to get more water out of clothes in the spin cycle than top loaders can. According to a Consumer Search report as of March 2010, “The majority of top-loading washing machines have a spin speed between 500 or 600 rpm, while front loaders typically have speeds 1,000 rpm and up.” This means less drying time is needed for your new Dexter front loaders and therefore less electricity is being used per wash cycle. Conventional top-loading washing machines are the least energy efficient, as they require more water and electricity per wash. A typical top loader uses 50 gallons of water per load and maintains a slump. While a new Dexter front loader of the same size uses only 20.3 gallons with a slump –free design. Changing to front loaders can save you a bundle on your utility cost.  Since the Dexter front loader uses less water it takes less time to extract and thus less electricity usages as well.

Vend Price:

Since your replacing a single load top loader with a double load front loader you can essentially charge up to double the price per load. Your customer will gladly pay more for faster cleaner laundry.


Front loaders tend to operate more quietly than top loaders, since there is less of a tendency to imbalance and the agitation that you would normally hear from a top loader is gone.


Dexter front loaders are built with the strongest and finest materials available.

They are built to withstand the daily vigors of commercial use. Dexter only builds commercial.

product. While top loaders are just jazzed up versions of residential machines using most of the same part and materials. Dexter washers are tested to run non-stop for 20 years.  Your repair cost an downtime will fade to almost non-existence when you replace the top-loaders.

Your new look:

The Dexter front loader machines are made of the highest grade stainless steel and have a clean fresh look that will not only appeal to your existing clients but will draw new clients to your laundry. “ New efficient machines” always attracts interest and can be used in promotions as well. Providing you with a Laundromat that you can be proud of for years to come.


Yes the cost to replace the top-loaders with new Dexter front loader will be more initially but your overall savings counting, energy savings, repair cost, and your increased vend price.  Will add up fast to more profit and time for you.


Laundry Cost Calculator:

Check out this basic calculator to estimate the energy savings in your area.



Call Professional Laundry Systems to discuss your “New Dexter Energy Efficient Options”


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